Jose Emroca Flores (update)

Jose Emroca Flores
Jose Emroca Flores is an illustrator and a senior concept designer at Activision/Blizzard Highmoon Studios in California who has done work for companies like EA, Vivendi Universal and Nike and whose work has been featured by Spectrum, Computer Arts and the Society of Illustrators, among others.

Since I last wrote about him back in 2007, his website has been revised and updated with new material, including sections for professional and personal work as well as a “process” section that features sketches and concepts.

His professional section showcases his game work, which is often kinetic and action packed, sometimes with a bright palette but often with controlled colors punctuated with brighter, more intense passages for emphasis and focus.

My favorite pieces on his site, however, are found in his gallery of personal work. These have a loopy eccentricity and are often imaginatively whimsical, as well as having a playful drawing and rendering style.


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