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Ryan Terry Flash interface
I’m not a fan of most “clever” web site interfaces because they usually sacrifice any shred of usability on the altar of coolness. Ryan Terry’s Ry-guy.com is so clever, however, that it becomes an entertainment in itself. This is one of the most fun Flash interfaces I’ve ever seen on the web. The site is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully executed, with lots of great little touches.

The interface opens in a pop-up window and is an illustration of a street corner. Some animated elements are immediately evident – a car and a dump truck drive by – and other elements only animate when you cursor over them (like the line of laundry). You can search around the image, looking for hot spots that display tool tip identifiers, or “Drop an Alien” from the upper left, each one of which will introduce you to a site section. Most of the “hot” elements are themed to their image (the mailbox is the link to email, etc.). The site sections open in another pop-up. Occasionally the paperboy will ride by and drop a paper that is a link to the “Quick Version”, a condensed portfolio in the format of a newspaper.

Ryan Terry is an interactive designer and illustrator living in Georgia. The site showcases his animation and illustration work. There is a sketchbook lying on the corner.

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