Doug Chiang

Doug Chiang
In addition to being the Visual Effects Art Director for films like Forrest Gump, Back to the Future II, The Mask and Terminator 2, Doug Chiang was head of the Art Department and Design Director for Star Wars Episodes I and II. His terrific production design art is featured prominently in the Art of Star Wars books for those movies.

The Doug Chiang Studio site is devoted largely to his own book and film project, Robota, and the galleries feature art from that project. You can order the book from Amazon and see teaser trailers here.

Kind of hidden in the current navigation is a section of Studio Tips, that step through the process of creating a concept design marker sketch and painting.

There is also a more general Doug Chang gallery on the Ice Blink Studios site.

6 Replies to “Doug Chiang”

  1. hi i love your drawings and get lots of insperations from them can you give me some advice of drawing fantasy.
    a big fan,

  2. Hey,
    Currently doing AS Art and have chosen you to study as my Personal Investigation (primarily your conceptual work on Star Wars).
    Love your work by the way, think its brilliant!
    I am required to gather information on my chosen artist, and so I wondering if you could send me some info, not the already available stuff such as where you studied, but influences, materials used, techniques etc.
    Could you send me some of your work aswell, so i can blow it up to a reasonable size and study it.
    Thanks, yours sincerely

    Danny T

  3. I presume the r-robot on page 28 is meant to be looking straight ahead but I’m damned if I can stop it’s head from rotating to the right. Maybe something to do with cranial mass and mandible.

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