Collected Tears of the Weeping Nivbed (Justin Cherry)

Justin CherryI’ll start out by saying that I don’t know much about Justin Cherry.

I know that he does terrific images, sometimes in comics outline style and sometimes painted in both traditional and digital media. I know that he is mentioned often (but briefly) on CGI sites, and at one time, he worked at Troika Games. I know that he has been featured in the Expose 1 collection of digital illustration, and I know that I like his work.

He is working on a personal project called Unreal Doco. He has a blog here that hasn’t done much to answer my basic questions but does have some more of his drawings and sketches.

What I don’t know is what he does professionally, who his clients are, where his work has been published (other then Expose), where he studied, or any of the other background info it’s usually easy to come by about artists and illustrators on the web.

I don’t know if he is intentionally keeping his personal (and professional) information out of the spotlight, culturing a mysterioso persona or simply doesn’t think that kind of information is worth posting.

He has a GC gallery and traditional media gallery on his site. There is also a Justin Cherry gallery at, and a Nivbed gallery at Bugglefug.

I also don’t have a clue what Collected Tears of the Weeping Nivbed refers to. I do know that I’ll keep stopping back to see if he’s posted any more of his terrific images.

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  1. I just googled Justin Cherry, and this popped up under the search. I thought I could answer a couple questions. I know Justin “Nivbed” Cherry through an art forum called Eatpoo. He had been an allstar there, although he doesn’t post there anymore. I was fortunate enough to do an OpenCanvas session with him, and he did some “fanart” or a reinterpretation of one of my characters I had drawn. He was working for Troika, but they went under, and now I believe, and don’t quote me on this, but he is working for Bioware. He’s a truly inspiring artist, and I think someday soon we’ll be seeing his work in galleries across the nation. Werd.

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