Ed von Lee

Ed von Lee
Ed Lee draws cool ‘bots, wild characters, fantastic environments and nasty villains. He studied fine arts but his interest in such things led him to a career in commercial art (something I can identify with). He studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, but lives and works in Korea.

Lee is a concept artist and has worked on projects like Underworld 2: Evolution, The Green Mile, Batman & Robin, MGM:EFX and Guild Wars. He has worked with ILM and prior to that was a production designer, visual effects designer and computer graphics director for Rhythm and Hues.

He has also been teaching concept design at Dongseo University in Busan. He works in traditional media, digital painting and CGI, utilizing whatever medium is more appropriate for the task at hand.

Lee’s character designs have a fun, loose feeling and exaggerated features that emphasize the character. His environments play with dramatic contrasts of light and dark to emphasize mood and his ‘bots look like blueprints for an alien robot assembly line that’s about to go into production. Fun stuff.

In addition to the web site, Lee also has a blog where he often posts his work.