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Mike Wieringo (update)

I first wrote about comics artist Mike Wieringo (“Ringo”), back in September. At the time I mentioned that he had started a blog, Mike’s own personal soapbox!, and was posting nice large images of his drawings (in contrast to the rather small images in his site’s galleries).

He’s still at it, frequently updating the blog with wonderful new drawings of comics characters, sometimes his own (above), sometimes other artist’s and sometimes company owned. In every case, he has his own unique take on the character and his style is immediately recognizable.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, although his work looks terrific inked and colored, his pencil drawings are particularly appealing. They have a loose, confident quality and energy that is sometimes submerged in the finished work, so it’s a treat to see lots of his pencil work on the blog.

Unfortunately, even though he’s up over 200 posts, he doesn’t seem to have any provision for permalinks or archives on the blog, so once the current posts are replaced by new ones, they’re out of reach. It’s a good reason to check in often I guess, but maybe if we all write and ask nice, he’ll open up the blog archives and let us have a look at the older posts once in while.


2 responses to “Mike Wieringo (update)”

  1. nice drawing…. looks like it has good expression

  2. Yes. Take a look through the gallery on his website as well.