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Tim Jessell (update)

Tim Jessell
I first wrote about illustrator Tim Jessell and his “realistic with a twist” style in this post back in October of 2005.

Since then, his site has been completely redone and the Portfolio section expanded with larger versions of his editorial and advertising illustrations for the likes of Time Magazine, American Airlines, Nike, Polaroid and Apple Computer.

Jessell also illustrates children’s books, including the Secrets Of Droon series by Tony Abbott, Superhero Christmas, a children’s book written by Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee, and Amorak, written and illustrated by Jessell (details here).

His style is at once varied and consistent, changing with his subject but retaining a foundation in realistic painting and solid draftsmanship. Browsing his portfolio, you can find a straightforward portrait next to a fearsome dragon in from the Droon series next to lighthearted children’s fantasy.

His new galleries also feature a display gimmick that I’m a sucker for, showing a “reflection” of each image as if the painting was sitting on a dark reflective floor. The effect is repeated on the gallery thumbnail page and I’ve chosen to use a section of that here, rather than try to choose a “representative” image among his broad variety of subjects.


5 responses to “Tim Jessell (update)”

  1. I love his lighting. Do you know what medium he uses?

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t know. My guess would be acrylic.

  3. Actually, his work is “computer-generated”. From his site: ‘Several years ago, Tim made the transition from traditional media to sketching and painting in Painter and Photoshop. Although created digitally, Tim’s work is virtually indistinguishable from non digital media, hence, his work has been called “tradigital”.’

  4. Thanks, Robert!

    Other readers may want to check out Robert Tracy’s blog, Illustrated Ideas, which features articles about art and artists as well as politics, religion and military issues. He has a unique point of view and often comes up with artists of interest.

    It was through his blog that I first encountered Kawase Hasui.

  5. angelos Avatar

    I am so impressed by your work! I am studing graphic arts so I have so many questions about your creations!I really admire you!I saw some of your work in a book about illustrators and since then I am your no1 greek fan!