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Dave’s [comic book artist] Art Nouveau Collection

Aaron LoprestiThis is a collection of Art Nouveau style images by modern comic book artists.

It’s part of a larger collection called Dave’s Gallery of Comic Art, which, in turn, is part of the Digital Medusa site.

Digital Medusa contains other comic art collections, including a unique collection of Artistic Interpretations of Literary Figures by comic book artists that I wrote this post about back in October of last year.

Dave’s Art Nouveau Collection contains drawings and sketches by people like Paul Chadwick, Brom, Tony DiTerlizzi, Rick Geary, JG Jones, Rudy Nebres, George Perez, Steve Rude, Michael Whelan, Mike Kaluta and Aaron Lopresti (image at left), among others.

Some of them are convention sketches, some are more finished pieces and the quality varies. Also the term “art nouveau’ is pretty vaguely interpreted (basically meaning, “I have a book on Mucha“), but the results are a lot of fun.

The site contains some teasing “cheesecake” style nudity. You can avoid it if you’re likely to be offended.