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Ever wanted to be Jackson Pollock, indulge in “Action Painting”, be the darling of the smart set and express your existential angst by throwing paint at the canvas? is a web site by Miltos Manetas that lets you do just that, at least virtually. It’s a Flash-based interactive in which you can spatter, drip and blob colors onto your virtual canvas to your heart’s content, whiling away those tedious hours that could be spent doing something ridiculous, like working.

Like Mr. PicassoHead, is essentially a fun diversion based loosely on the characteristics of the work of a famous painter.

It opens with a blank screen, with no indication of what to expect until you happen to move your mouse, and then… color happens! Based on the Flash interactive, “Splatter” by Michal Migurski of Stamen Design, the interactive responds to movements of your mouse (or stylus – Wheeee!) with lines, blobs and swaths of color. Drag, click and create! Click to change colors. Click and hold to get bigger blobs. No art training necessary!

And you don’t even get paint on your pants.

Suggested by Lisa Harris.


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  1. Saw an article in Scientific American that discussed Jackson Pollack. It made the contention that his real artwork contains elements of chaos theory; it’s not random, it’s comprised of deeply related complex structures.

    Dunno, just kinda bothers me to see a ‘random Pollock generator’ when he was far from random. And I don’t even care for his work 😉

  2. Well – it is not really a random Pollock generator. The site lets you play and try your hand at digital drip painting (a first?). I did a couple of tries and had a lot of fun; while at the same time it’s immediately clear that to make something that really stands out is not that easy. I love it – thanks for the link.

  3. Anyone know how to save an image created at … as a .jpg, .gif, or other? Can you educate me?

    – Scott.

  4. The only way I know to save the image is to simply take a screen capture in the way normally provided for in your operating system. (Check your system’s “Help” feature.)

  5. wow! miyazaki rocks!!!!^-^ he’s really inspired me to try and make my own famous comic someday! although i’m not as good….-.-sigh1

  6. billyoung Avatar

    this should be fun