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Robolus (Roberto Freire)

Robolus (Roberto Freire)
Roberto Freire does wonderful caricatures and, as of January 1 of this year, has repurposed his blog,, to be dedicated to his New Year’s resolution to draw and post “A Caricature a Day”.

He had my attention immediately when I saw his caricatures done from drawings by the great portrait artist Hans Holbein the Younger (above, left). He insured the fact that I will be checking back often when I saw his wonderful portrait/caricature of Hal Foster, one of my all time favorite comic strip artists (above, right).

Be sure to click on the images in his blog postings to view the larger versions, so you can see the really nice line and tone quality in his drawings. At times his line work can have some of the wonderful looseness you see in Mort Drucker’s terrific caricatures.

I’m fascinated to know where Freire will look next for inspiration. He’s already done caricatures from other painters, from film and television and other sources.

Beyond the daily project, you can find other caricatures on previous months in the archives of the blog, along with paintings, musings and articles of interest on a number of topics.

Link and suggestion courtesy of Thomas Wunsch


One response to “Robolus (Roberto Freire)”

  1. HELL YEAH, great to find Roberto on Lines and Colors!
    I’ve had the pleasure to work with him and see him working on live charicatures and random sketches.. it was truly humbling, he puts so much love and dedication into his work.
    Also, he’s one of the allaround greatest guys I know.