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Raj Chaudhuri

Raj Chaudhuri
After years of a successful career in information management, Raj Chaudhuri is concentrating on making his lifelong passion for painting and drawing into his full time focus. Chaudhuri credits his study at the Art Students League in Denver, particularly with Mark Daily and Quang Ho, as the deciding factor in enabling him to make the jump.

Chaudhuri, who was born in India and studied in Bombay, had the opportunity to travel in Europe and the U.S. and now lives in Denver. His richly colored, painterly oils of landscapes, interiors and portraits are often drawn from his travels or his time in India.

He finds appealing subjects in richly colored cloth, whether traditional clothing in small villages, the bright spandex of a bicycle rider or the sharply lit green of a pool table surface.

Chaudhuri paints with bold, bright strokes, and his patches of color create their own feeling of texture in addition to the variations in tone and hue.

He is represented by the Abend Gallery in Denver.


3 responses to “Raj Chaudhuri”

  1. That’s really astonishing – I wasn’t paying attention at first and I thought this was a photograph!

  2. Wow, I had the same feeling the first time I saw that work. The guy is good!!

  3. neela guhathakurta Avatar
    neela guhathakurta

    Dear Bampu,
    Amazing works of art!I loved the details-the texture of the ‘begun’,the regal old morning walker,the silver earrings etc.
    I must say that I have avery talented cousin.