7 Replies to “Wake Up, America!”

  1. Let’s hope America has a better day at the polls than Flagg had at the easel with this picture. Lady Liberty has never looked more shapeless and blobby. That chair is painfully bad. And what’s up with that pillow?

    But I definitely agree with you, Charley– good luck America!

  2. This is a very timely and meaningful portrait of the present day situation of America. After the election, what will happen to America. This serves as a wake up call for those who never pay attention and respect to his motherland. Regarding the arts, I find it nice and deep. It has a clear meaning and really a great piece of art. With this, you may also find the background in my site useful.

  3. I agree with Julian; in the absence of any better explanation for what finally roused America from its slumbers, I am perfectly willing to credit this post. Good job– although you clearly don’t have many readers in Kentucky.

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