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2008 Best Graphic Novel Lists

2008 Best Graphic Novel Lists
Ahhh…, it’s that time of year, the scramble through the barrage of “Buy this!” “Buy that!”, mall stuffing, parking lot screaming, credit card swinging, Scotch tape sticking, present buying madness; however tempered it may be this year by the ongoing Collapse of Western Civilization.

So, just as sure as the days shorten, lists appear, guiding us through the maze of what to buy and what was good this year.

In lieu of attempting a list myself, given the sorry state of my “yet to be read” book and comics stack, I give you a short list of lists; in this case lists of the year’s best graphic novels and comics related books as suggested by various sources.

Drawn!: Favourite Comics and Art Books of 2008 Part 1: Matt’s picks

Drawn!: Favourite Comics and Art Books of 2008 Part 2: John’s picks

io9: 10 Graphic Novels That Make Thrilling Gifts

New York Magazine: Top Ten Graphic Novels – The 2008 Culture Awards

Vanguard: Top 10 graphic novels and comics of 2008

NPR: Best Graphic Novels of 2008

NPR: Best Superhero Graphic Novels

Times Online: Christmas Books 2008: Graphic Novels

Booklist Online: Top 10 Graphic Novels: 2008

Comic Book Galaxy: ADD Blog Best of 2008

ALA: 2008 Great Graphic Novels for Teens Best Books of 2008: Comics & Graphic Novels

Publisher’s Weekly: Best Books of the Year (scroll down for Comics)

ICv2 – Amazon & PW’s 10 Best Graphic Novels of 2008 (above two lists compared)

(Images above: Coraline Graphic Novel, Sky Doll, Fables Covers, All-Star Superman Vol. 1, Tekkon Kinkreet Black & White, Alice in Sunderland)


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  1. I’d really like to have a look at that tekkonkinkreet book. I loved the movie. Apparently there is a book about the background art used in the movie, with some stunning images. I found a lot of them here:

  2. Hi
    your works in very nice and your works show that your sketching is very good and your COGNITION of color is full.!!

    pleas see my works and pleas write me your comment!!

  3. Funny to see your list because mine won’t look that way 🙂
    But I don’t like to make lists of comics or books. Only music because I am just a listener, not a musician 🙂