17 Digital Character Painting Tutorials

Digital Character Painting Tutorials
In what is probably a nod to their dominant demographic, Smashing Apps, a blog/webzine devoted to online resources for designers and web developers, named the article collecting these Photoshop tutorials “17 Mind-Blowing Digital Painting Tutorials Of Beautiful Girls“.

That being said, it’s still a collection of useful Photoshop digital painting techniques of potential interest to many concept artists, illustrators and comics artists, with a variety of styles and approaches, from anime and traditional comics to more realistic and fully rendered images.

Most are brief, but they cover various stages of sketching and rendering, discuss brushes, layer compositing, brush modes and other aspects of digital rendering.

(Image above, left to right:
David Munoz Velazquez, John Kearney, Melanie Delon (see my post about Melanie Delon)
Jim Zubkavich, Marta Dahlig, Shilin Huang
Artgerm, Artgerm, Yu Cheng Hong)

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  1. Thanks Charley! This is excellent stuff right here. It was nice meeting you a for us.t the Plastic Club, I hope to see you around. Add another thanks for all the notes you have posted in regards to posting artwork on the internet there’s some sage advice in there.
    Dave Golas

  2. Fantastic post. I have painted traditionally for over 20 years. In the last year I migrated to painting digitally. These tutorials are a great addition to the skils I have developed and am always working to improve.

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