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Saturday Morning Cartoon Index

Tyger, Pyrats, Syrinx, Strange InvadersIn addition to her own terrific blog, The Art Department (required reading for anyone interested in science fiction and fantasy illustration), her contributions to the blog, and of course her ongoing work in bringing the best and brightest lights in the field to print in her role as art director at Tor Books, Irene Gallo (see my posts about Irene Gallo and Tor Books) brings her sharp eye to bear in another way we benefit from.

Each Saturday she makes another astute selection of two short animated films worthy of our attention and posts them to her Saturday Morning Cartoon Index on the Tor site.

These shorts are from a variety of creators and sources (though many are sponsored by the national Film Board of Canada), and traverse the spectrum of subject matter, style, emotional tone, animation technique and cinematic direction.

They share one characteristic, they are all terrific examples of short form animation, and a treat to watch.

Gallo keeps the stew well stirred, mixing style and approaches from week to week and selection to selection. Sometimes the two choices for a given week share some common theme or characteristic, as in her matchup of Pyrats and The Tale of How (see my posts on The Tale of How).

There are many weeks of selections already posted, enough to keep you animated and amused for a number of weekdays, as well as looking forward to future Saturday mornings.

(Images at left, Tyger, Pyrats, Syrinx and Strange Invaders, see the Tor page for credits and details)