Brynn Metheny – The Morae River

Brynn Metheny - The Morae River
Brynn Metheny is a freelance illustrator based in Oakland, California who loves to draw imaginary creatures.

Metheny has taken this fascination with made-up animals and extended it to the point of conjuring up an entire continent, Orcura, through which flows The Morae River. The river basin has a bestiary and a Classification of Species to describe the animals that inhabit it.

The Morae River project is laid out in its own web site, complete with descriptions of the animals, their habitats and behavior. Animals like the Blue-Throated Hulompolus and the Red Tailed Mardik share characteristics of real animals, arranged in fanciful ways and portrayed with what appear to be pencil and watercolor drawings (though the color may be digital, I don’t know).

I like the way the sketch-like pencil drawing of the animals’ environment is often left in place and color is applied only to the animal, leaving a nice contrast of combined media in the same piece.

Metheny also has a blog and a web site, as well as pieces on

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  1. YOu are mega inspiring!
    Im just starting to draw… but your drawings are absolutely stunning!

    Janet R
    SEE Janet R visual works blogspot

  2. Beautiful work. What I would love to see is something imagined TOTALLY alien without influence from anything on Earth.

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