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Christine Lafuente

Christine Lafuente
Christine Lafuente studied at Byn Mawr College, The Barnes Foundation and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; and is continuing her study at Brooklyn College in New York.

Lafuente blurs the line between representational and non representational painting, and moves further over it than I am usually inclined to follow; but her use of color and value, and the way she treats her brush strokes as textural elements and objects in themselves, captured my attention.

She works with splashes of color, their borders often indistinct, dissolving but never quite losing the underlying form. There is sometimes a feeling that the paintings are in motion. Wonderful smudges and swipes of paint coalesce to suggest objects, dissolve again into the background and recombine as another object.

Lafuente currently has a solo show the Gross McCleaf Gallery here in Philadelphia that runs until February 24th, 2010. I can’t find a dedicated web presence for her, but I’ve added some other links below.


4 responses to “Christine Lafuente”

  1. Hi Christine,

    I LOVE your work. It is very inspirational to me. I see that you have a workshop at the Acadia Center coming up. Do you think you will done one there again next year?


  2. Hello Christine,

    I have been introduced to your work and just love it. I am a member of National Arts Club and I believe you have a friend there as well. I would like to get in touch with you. Would you be kind enough to e-mail me or give me a phone where I can reach you. Thanks much, Edith

  3. Fran Soboeiro Avatar
    Fran Soboeiro

    This is impressionism at it’s core. This is how we look at the world; not detail by detail. you create a mood with the sparest of elements. If I wanted a photo, I’d take one! Love your work !!!!

  4. Fran Soboeiro Avatar
    Fran Soboeiro

    P.S. Do you offer workshops?