Pencil vs. Camera (Ben Heine)

Ben Heine
Pencil vs. Camera is project by Belgian painter, illustrator, caricaturist and photographer Ben Heine, in which he draws part of a scene, usually in a fanciful interpretation of it, and then takes a photograph of the drawing held up against the original scene or photograph.

The drawing is usually on a ragged-edged, odd shaped piece of paper, creating a more interesting intersection between the photograph and drawing. In some cases he plays rather fast and loose with his rendition of the scene, in others, his drawing is quite faithful.

Heine has posted the 13 drawings that are (so far) part of this project to a Flickr set, as well as posting them on his blog.

You can see most of the images to date on the page with his 13th image (mildly NSFW).

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10 Replies to “Pencil vs. Camera (Ben Heine)”

  1. It’s photoshop!
    I think, he took the photo, traced over a part of it (may be also digitally – the lines are too consistent) took another photo of a hand holding paper – then combined all the parts in photoshop.
    It’s a clever trick, not drawing.

  2. I agree, the hand doesn’t even looks like it belongs in the photo in most of them. Definately faked (but a good idea non-the-less)

  3. It’s clever but if we are being asked to believe that he actually drew these on location and not from tracing a photo and then took the photo I don’t believe it.

    The work is too exacting, the perspective and positioning too, way too perfect. It ruins the effect reducing “art” to artifice.

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