Calvin Liang

Calvin Liang
California based plein air painter Calvin Liang was born in Canton, China, studied at the Shcnghai Academy of Fine Arts and went to work designing and creating sets for the Canton Opera Institute.

Liang moved to the U.S. and shifted his attention to animation, working for Walt Disney Studio and Nickelodeon. He became interested in painting the California countryside and gradually transitioned into landscape painting.

I haven’t found a dedicated site for Liang, but he is represented with a bio and online gallery of both sold and available works on the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art.

Whether painting the California hills and missions, traveling in the American West or in Europe in Florence and Venice, Liang brings his scenes to life with a crisp, economical notation, defining structures with geometric shapes, lost and found edges and muted earth tone palettes.

Many of his brush strokes can bee seen as discreet chunks of color with a physical presence, laid down with apparent abandon, but blending into a unified composition.

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  1. His brushwork is nice, very painterly. I have seen dozens of Liang’s paintings but they all seem to be painted with market in mind. Doing art with commercial potential is not necessarily a bad thing, but after you see 50th painting of sailboats, canals and missions…all done in predominantly warm (pink, red and orange) palette, you wish for something different.

  2. Some of his work has a commercial tone, but not all do. I own 4 of his paintings, and one I think I got a really good deal on from Greenhouse because I think they thought it was plain, so it was priced quite a bit lower than some of his showier pieces of the same price. I prefer the more understated look. The Greenhouse guy kept trying to sell me this other coastal sunset that I felt had an overly dramatic sky. After I got delivery of my painting, a local appraiser told me he thought it was a “great” painting and valued it double what I had just paid. I think the colors are just his oeuvre. I’ve seen some darker pictures he’s done, and they weren’t very successful. Needless to say, he’s one of my favorite artists.

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