Mitch Baird

Mitch Baird
Oregon painter Mitch Baird paints the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, both dramatic and more intimate, with a fresh palette, confident brushwork and clear vision.

He also applies his skills and passion for plein air painting to scenes from travels in Europe; and paints lively still life compositions and occasional figurative works.

Baird received a BFA in Illustration from Brigham Young University, where he credits Ralph Barksdale with inspiring and energizing him in his pursuit of drawing and painting.

As a painter, Baird finds inspiration in artists of the late 19th Century, and follows their fascination with the effects of light and atmosphere, and the natural color that reveals itself when painting on location.


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  1. Mitch is really excellent, I had the opportunity to visit his solo show in Vancouver WA recently, at the Art On the Boulevard gallery.. and it is so incredible to see his work in person. His brush work is excellent.

  2. Hi,

    I saw this awsome painting of a sprig of camelia in a plain clear glass vase. It was also featured in American Artist magazine oct 2010. I was delighted to see you won the Founder’s award. It made my day my godmother had a home that the whole side of her home had this delightful flower,can you imagine shrubs that backed up 60ft in depth and a height of 16ft. It was splendid to see it when it was in full bloom. Please look up Pierre Redoute’s Camelia it just as fabulous, he does a stipple/print and hand
    color. I would love to know if you are in the bay area so I can check out your brush stroke. MJ a new admirer of your art.

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