Jamie Burton

Jamie Burton
Indiana born, Seattle based illustrator, painter, comic book artist and 3D gaming environmental artist Jamie Burton studied at the John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, and then at the Joe Kubert School of Art in New Jersey, where he prepared for subsequent work as a comic book inker for DC Comics.

Burton transitioned into concept and environmental art for the gaming industry, but still likes to let his imagination roam freely with his paintings and poster designs.

His website has sections for paintings, illustrations, ink drawings, sketches and posters. In the paintings section you will find examples of his wonderfully wild and offbeat depictions of characters, animals, environments and all manner of flights of fancy.

There is also a Merchandise section on his site with prints and originals. He also has a blog where you can find pieces not included on his site, and sometimes larger versions of works that you will see there.

Burton uses a high-chroma palette, often casting entire elements or groups of elements in an almost monochromatic scheme, punched up with lots of complimentary color relationships and set off with deep value contrasts, to make his pieces “pop”. He works in a variety of media — pencil, ink, acrylic, oil and digital.

In his paintings he mixes in areas of patterns, frequently with an Aztec or Mayan feeling, suggestions of masks and bizarre costumes, to create a fun visual mix, zapped with electric colors and delivered with a good dose of humor.