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Keiko Tanabe
Originally from Kyoto, Japan and now living in San Diego, California, watercolor artist Keiko Tanabe has traveled extensively and applied her eye and brush to scenes from Japan, China, France, Italy and the U.S.

Her beautifully atmospheric watercolors capture a sense of time and place, accomplished with careful control of color, suggestions of texture and insightful skill at defining soft and crisp edges. The latter skill, in particular, enlivens her renderings of street scenes and architecture, which I particularly enjoy. She also excels at portraying water and wet surfaces, often with a wonderful economy of brushwork.

The galleries on her website are divided by geographical location. She also maintains a blog and a gallery on Daily Paintworks as well as a selection of works, along with comments from collectors and other artists, on FASO.


5 responses to “Keiko Tanabe”

  1. Beautiful art work by Keiko Tanabe: haunting, ethereal and full of heart! I have enjoyed viewing it. Thank you.

  2. Just beautiful! Love the sense of light!

  3. I keep reading that art in Asia is becoming really big: But, does that mean that Asian artists are becoming big or art with Asian subject matter? Where does a Japanese artist living in CA fit in the picture? He does beautiful work but should he be considered American? Does it matter?

  4. Keiko’s is a true watercolor master! The color, the atmosphere, the emotions, it’s all there! I look at her paintings and feel like I have traveled to these beautiful locations!

  5. Dear Keiko,

    Can’t stop viewing your Masterful Watercolors I love them so much.
    Great composition,subject matter, wonderful chiaroscuro, freshness, and nice color balance

    I am very happy that you decided to paint full time,
    and share your gift.
    God Bless and keep those brushes dancing………….Roger