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The 911 Report: A Graphic Adaptation (paperback)

The 911 Report: A Graphic Adaptation
If you are:

A) Not already overloaded with information about 9/11

B) Interested in the official 911 Report issued in 2005 by the 911 Comission

C) Not inclined to wade through the original report’s 800 plus pages, and would rather have the report summarized in a convenient 144 page graphic story format

then here is the book for you: The 911 Report: A Graphic Adaptation was written by Sid Jacobson and illustrated by veteran comics artist Ernie Colón; it was released in 2006.

Though the pages are no longer available online on the Slate site as I reported in my original post at the time, they have archived an interactive of the first chapter.

In addition, the page for the book includes both a regular preview (more extensive if logged in) and sample pages further down the page along with the chapter listings and additional information.