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Pochade boxes (updated)

Pochade boxes (update): Sienna, Mabef, Jim Serrett, Fazwan Barrage, Open Box m, Alla Prima Pochade
Even though the end of the summer is rapidly approaching for those of us who live in then northern hemisphere, the time for plein air painting is hardly over; and many, myself included, find this time of year ideal for painting outdoors.

In 2008 I wrote a rather extensive article on pochade boxes, those combinations of palette and portable easel, often with provision for carrying panels and supplies, that mount on camera tripods and have become a staple tool in the modern plein air painting revival.

In attempting to find the right pochade box for my own use, I went through a fairly exhaustive search of all of the pochade box makers and models I could find at the time, as well as researching articles on making your own pochade box.

The result has been a popular Lines and Colors post in which I listed all of the resources I could find for the various kinds of pochade boxes.

I’ve just revisited the post, adding to it two more makers of pochade boxes, Sienna and Mabef, as well as expanding on the sections on tripods and painting panels.

I’ve also included an additional resources on building your own pochade box from Jim Serrett and Fazwan Barrage.

(Images above: Sienna, Mabef, Jim Serrett, Fazwan Barrage, Open Box M, Alla Prima Pochade)


6 responses to “Pochade boxes (updated)”

  1. Great website, and this article in particular! If you get a chance, I recommend checking out the Sienna Pochade box. I’ve been using one this summer, and it replaced my “Rexy” easel from Julian.

    Pros: inexpensive, feature complete, nice “starter” box
    Cons: Soft-ish wood means it will pick up dings along the way, some accessories (like the watercolor palette) are not overly well thought out.

    Overall, I found it to be a great way to go, splitting the line between DIY and expensive.

    1. Thanks, Paul. This is the box I had identified as “Craftech” from Dick Blick’s listing, but for which I couldn’t find a company website. It turns out that Sienna is the brand and designer, Craftech is the manufacturer. I’ve appended the main post and pointed readers here to read your assessment.

  2. Marlene Avatar

    Thanks for a great article about pochade boxes. I’m interested in the Sienna pochade box. Does it have a wet canvas holder? Can I carry more than one canvas? I can’t seem to find a photo of a Sienna box with a canvas carrier. Thanks for your answer.

    1. Glad you found the post useful, Marlene. As far as I can tell, the Sienna pochade boxes do not have built-in panel carriers. Sienna offers separate wet panel boxes that you can see here on the Craftech Sienna site, and here on Dick Blick.

  3. Elmar Avatar

    Where can I buy a pochade box in Switzerland? Thank you in advance.

    1. If you can make purchases from Amazon, Jerry’s Artarama or Dick Blick, you can purchase pochade boxes from them.

      Also if you have an art supply store in your town, you can ask if they have the ability to order them from one of the suppliers I mention (usually Sienna or Guerilla are the ones available through retail stores or big online art materials suppliers).

      If buying from Amazon, the Sienna boxes may be a not-too-expensive place to start:
      They also make a tripod to accompany it:
      There is also a Sienna all-in-one style box:

      If you find Guerilla Pochade boxes more available, I would recommend the “French Resistance” model over the regular “Guerrilla Painter Box” because of the more flexible panel holder system.×13-inch-guerrilla-painter-french-resistance-pochade

      The other companies sell primarily online, and you would have to contact them individually to ask about international orders.

      You may also be able to purchase from suppliers in France, Germany or Italy that I may not be aware of.