Boulet (Gilles Roussel)

Boulet (Gilles Roussel)
Boulet (nom de plume of Gilles Roussel) is a French comics artist, largely unknown in the US, but familiar in Europe for his work in the magazine Tchô! and on series like Raghnarok, Miya and Womoks.

Since 2004, Boulet has been one of the premiere comic strip bloggers, telling of his experiences, work and general life situations in short comics pages, done in a variety of styles.

Boulet has in recent years been translating his comic strip blog posts into English, and a selection of them is viewable on the English section of his site.

It’s easiest to simply go to the first strip and click forward, but if you’re inclined to jump around there is a month selection at the top let, and dates arranged as numbers across the top bar; only the yellow highlighted ones are linked to strips. You can also go to the Archives and view the entries as a list.

Be sure to click on the “React” link at the bottom of each strip for additional panels.

The French version of his site is more extensive and up to date.

There is a brief interview with Boulet on Euronews.

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  1. Boulet is now much more known for his blog than his past comics.It’s funny (and a little disapointing) to see that almost all comics blogs in France have links to his blog. He is like the french comics blogs Pope 🙂

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