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Matt Smith
Arizona artist Matt Smith paints en plein air in locations across the Western U.S.

Smith studied in the Fine Arts program of Arizona State University, but somewhat disenchanted with the abstract emphasis of the program, pursued independent study of American Western artists like Maynard Dixon, William Herbert Dunton, and Edgar Payne. Smith has also studied with contemporary artists Michael Lynch, James Reynolds and Clyde Aspevig.

Smith finds particular fascination in the craggy, intricate forms of wind sculpted rocks, weatherbeaten trees and other highly textural aspects of natural erosion. He approaches these with a controlled palette accented with higher chroma passages, and deft handling of light and shadow.

Smith teaches for several weeks out of the year, and conducts workshops at the Tuscon Art Academy. There is a brief video of a 2011 workshop on YouTube.

He also offers three location painting DVD’s on his site.


4 responses to “Matt Smith”

  1. i love his paintings…even tho his style is not super realistic i feel like i’m right there in those places…maybe it’s his use of light and colors.

  2. Since the landscapes of Claude Lorrain in the early 17th century, certain landscape artists have identified with and portrayed a a particular time of day. For many it is late afternoon and early evening, the hour before sunset. In other cases it is early. Hopper’s Early Sunday Morning comes to mind, among others. While Smith is by no means limited — and you can find the occasional sunset or nocturne on these links — he does seem to identify closely with a midday sun beat-down. He makes us feel the heat.

    Thanks for another terrific find, Charley

  3. So many artists don’t understand value, but Matt has it nailed. That’s what makes his work pop and seem real.

  4. I totally agree with Melissa, that it is not possible for every one to understand a good painting. These paintings are really very nice.