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Eyvind Earle
Since I last wrote about remarkable artwork of ex illustrator and former Disney background artist turned gallery artist Eyvind Earle back in 2009, the long promised website has been published.

Though navigation is somewhat clunky, this is now a good resource on Earle, with a large selection of his work. Many of the serigraphs have links to larger images, though it seems the oils, watercolors and scratchboards unfortunately do not, and are reproduced too small to properly appreciate Earle’s approach.

There is still a better array of larger images on Gallery 21.

For more, see my previous posts on Eyvind Earle (and here), both of which contain background information on Earle and links to additional sites with images of his work.


10 responses to “Eyvind Earle website”

  1. Thanx for this update. Earle was unique. Large images of Earle’s backgrounds can be found on Hans Bacher’s blog :
    Admitedly, one has to do some searching, but it pays. The blog is great.

  2. What a delightful post! I had written an e-mail to you a while ago about my enjoyment of Bugs Bunny – not the actual cartoon, but the simple, elegant lines of the background pictures. Earle’s backgrounds are equally beautiful to me, but a bit more complex. Thank you for posting about him, and I look forward to looking through your previous posts!

    1. Thanks, Jelly. You may enjoy this post about a blog (unfortunately on possible permanent hiatus) devoted to animation backgrounds.

  3. I like the way he has drawn in his cartoon influences but darkened and complicated them into scenes that are more haunting and beautiful (in my opinion). And no loveable characters in the foreground – the “backgrounds” themselves become centre stage.

  4. I was Eyvind’s picture framer while he lived here in Santa Fe. Some people thought he was difficult to work with but I knew he just wanted what he wanted. His painting technique was near perfect as was the finally varnish. His frames had to meet his standards and I was willing to work with him to make that happen.

    It was fun to talk to him about working for Disney. Nice guy.

    1. Thanks for the personal view, Larry.

  5. Beutiful… and awfully dead. No animal, no leaf falling, no wind. I hope the Paradise do not look like this…

    1. Interesting thought, Li-An. I think perhaps in his previous work as an animation background artist he was used to his backgrounds being populated with hyperactive creatures of all sorts and didn’t have to supply them himself (grin).

  6. It could be seen like these zen japanese garden where all is clean and under control…

  7. AMazing!!