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Jama Jurabaev

Jamashed Jurabaev
Jamashed Jurabaev is a concept artist an matte painter living and working in Tajikistan.

I like that fact that next to the “Jama Jurabaev” heading on his website, he has the tagline: “is an ambitious concept artist”; an attitude I think will serve him well as he continues to take on challenging subjects.

Jurabaev often works with an interesting approach of emphasizing planes and edges within the rendering of his forms, at times creating textural effects from strata of planar shapes.

Along with galleries of his concept art and matte painting, the site has a gallery of sketches and a selection of process sequences of his digital painting method.

There is also a portfolio of work on his CG Society gallery, in which the largest versions are larger than those on his site, and another, perhaps more extensive gallery on his deviantART page.

You can also see a nice overview of several pieces on Concept Art World, which is where I encountered his work.


One response to “Jama Jurabaev”

  1. Love the scifi theme in these. One of them really reminds me of Battlestar Galactica