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Museum of Fine Arts Budapest on Google Art Project

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest on Google Art Project: Maximillian Lenz, Albrecht Durer, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Leonardo da Vinvi, Dominico Fetti, Arnold Bocklin, Renbrandt van Rijn, Claude Monet
Sigh. Another day, another treasure trove of high resolution masterpieces on the Google Art Project — this one from the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest.

(Images above: Maximillian Lenz, Albrecht Dürer, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Leonardo da Vinci, Dominico Fetti, Arnold Böcklin, Renbrandt van Rijn, Claude Monet)


5 responses to “Museum of Fine Arts Budapest on Google Art Project”

  1. Hi Charley,

    excellent posts as usual… a good choice to revisit your blog! Thanks for posting again!

  2. After all these years I feel like hearing for the first time of Corot, thanks to you, Charley. Number 3 of Jean-Baptiste (John the Baptist)reflects the gentleness of his character. One of the many extraordinary things I learned about him is his birth date. In the archives it is registered Messidor 28, which was according to the French Republican Calender used from late 1793 to 1805, converted to the 16th of July 1796. Until the age of 26 he was a wigmaker!
    He died of a stomach disorder.

    1. Thanks, Aelle. Here is a link to 19 high-resolution zoomable Corot images on Google Art Project.

    Corot told me: Never lose the first impression which has moved you.
    I’m telling him: I won’t.