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Edward Hopper on Met Museum website

Edward Hopper on Met Museum website
Today is the birthday of the American artist Edward Hopper, and a tweet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art this morning reminds us of the wonderful trove of high resolution images on the museum’s website, including several paintings and a selection of Hopper’s often overlooked etchings.


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  1. Matthieu Avatar

    I did not know Hopper’s sketchings. Thanks for filling in this gap. They are truly wonderful.

  2. Gail Levin, who was the first curator of the Hopper Estate at the Whitney, wrote a very thorough biography, “Edward Hopper, An Intimate Life,” in which she quotes Hopper as saying that his etchings, all of which were done in the 1920s, “crystallized his painting style.” Interesting that the sense of composition and the illustrative quality of Hopper’s best paintings seems to come from these black and white exercises on copper plates. They were his first real successes and allowed him to begin to move beyond a career as a hired illustrator.

  3. I have always been a fan of Hopper’s watercolors — more so than his oils. However, I had never before seen his etchings. Wow! Now, I want to see more — will check out the museum’s website. Thanks for sharing this, and Happy Birthday, Edward Hopper!

  4. I have always loved the work of Edward Hopper and, like Pat, especially his watercolors.
    The Gail Levin books “Hopper as Illustrator” and “Edward Hopper The Art and the Artist” are great reads.
    I did not know she was the first curator of the Hopper Estate.

    Thanks Charlie for the heads up.

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