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19th Scottish century painter and printmaker David Roberts was known primarily as an orientalist, producing richly detailed paintings and a large number of finely executed lithographs of Egypt andt the near east, using as reference sketches made during several extended trips to the region.

Roberts began his career as a designer and painter of stage scenery. For a time he pursued his gallery art on the side. Reportedly, J.M.W. Turner convinced Roberts to devote himself to gallery painting full time and Roberts eventually was much in demand for his exotic subjects and fine renderings, and was elected to the Royal Academy.

In particular, Roberts excelled in capturing the imposing scale, detailed surfaces and dramatic grandeur of the monuments and architectural wonders that were the subject of most of his works.

If there are contemporary concept artists who are not aware of his work, I think they would find it a compelling study of striking environments.

Roberts also painted landmark views of his native Scotland, as well as key locations in Italy.


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  1. Great entry! A little question for future posts: would it be possible for you to post single images and in a higher resolution and not bunched together in one single stripe?
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    1. Thanks, Kan.

      However, for the foreseeable future, my policy will have to be to post the sample images that accompany my articles in one strip; it’s much easier for me. I take the trouble to provide links at bottom of my posts to resources for the artist or subject of the post (often from multiple sources), so you can easily follow them to larger sources of individual images. Many are much higher resolution that I could ever post here.

  2. Thanks Charley, this is my favourite place on the internet.