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Björn Hurri (update)

Bjorn Hurri
Björn Hurri is a concept artist working in the gaming industry, He has worked for companies like NCsoft, Catalyst Game Labs and SEGA and is currently the Lead Artist for Opus Artz, a production design agency based in London.

When I wrote about his work back in 2008, I highlighted his fun and, at the time, lightly sketched illustrations for steam punk versions of characters from Star Wars.

Since then, Hurri has expanded the project into a longer series of more finished illustrations (image above, top), with more elaborate interpretations of the characters.

His other work for gaming projects ranges from historical through science fiction subjects, and frequently displays Hurri’s skill at conveying texture and atmosphere.

I particularly enjoy his playful take on John Bauer’s wonderful big-nosed trolls (above, bottom).

Though his website is currently unavailable, you can find a portfolio of his work, along with some relevant information about the artist, on CGHub.

Hurri is also a contributor to the Gorilla Artfare group blog.