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Steven J. Levin

Steven J. Levin
Steven J. Levin is a contemporary American realist painter based in Minnesota.

The galleries on his website are divided into Figures & Interiors and Still Life, though within those topics he works in a variety of subjects and approaches. There are often repeated themes, however, of restaurant, museum and poolroom interiors and still life arrangements of hats, for example.

I particularly enjoy his room interiors in which he plays compositionally with pools of light, whether from lamps, windows, doors or other sources. He also creates De-Hooch like glimpses of rooms leading to rooms leading to rooms, often making each its own world of illumination.

There is also a gallery of Work in Progress that includes several composition sketches alongside the finished works.

His still life subjects, though precisely rendered with meticulous draftsmanship, are lively and often seem to have an attitude — as if there were a wink and a nod behind them.

You will also find more straightforward figurative works in the Figures and Interiors section, and on the sites of some of the galleries in which he is represented (listed below), along with other subjects.

Though it’s somewhat uncharacteristic of his still life subjects in general, the cartoonist in me was immediately drawn (if you’ll excuse the expression) to his still life of crusted Speedball pens, tacked-up comic strips, ink and white-out bottles (above, bottom).


6 responses to “Steven J. Levin”

  1. This art inspires to practice more in paint. It’s such a good medium for expressing subtle emotions. I’m also a fan of the new wire art that’s coming out. The lines convey such strong meanings.
    Unlike in my videos on how to draw mario step by step but I’m steadily trying to get better. Thanks for posting interesting art 🙂

  2. Some of these paintings by Levin duplicate environments painted by Edward Hopper.

  3. Ciesz? si? ?e trafi?am tutaj . Prace doskona?e ,dobre pisanie. Pozdrawiam z Polski

  4. Sorry for the previous entry, badly came from google translation.

  5. Hello Charley, nothing to say, your posts are beautiful. Thanks!

  6. Stephen Avatar

    Am I the only one that finds tracing a photograph and coloring it in to be less impressive than actual freehand art?