Romona Youngquist

Romona Youngquist
Romona Youngquist is a painter based in Oregon whose paintings of pastoral fields and farms are rendered with a wonderful variety of textural effects.

She appears to use drybrush, scraping, stratching and a variety of painting knife effects, in addition to her painterly brushwork, to achieve a wide range of textures and passages of broken color. These work with her controlled palette to give her work an immediacy and surface appeal that compliments her subjects.

I particularly like the way she bases many of her compositions on bands of light and shadow sweeping across fields and hills. She often places our viewpoint as observers within a band of shadow, both giving the foreground weight and inviting our gaze further into the painting to the areas of lighter value.

Her work is currently on view in a two person show with Eric Jacobson titled “Silent Musings” at the Art on the Boulevard Gallery in Vancover, WA until December 31, 2013.

[Via FASO Fine Art Views blog]

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