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Van Gogh Shadow, Luca Agnani

Van Gogh Shadow, Luca Agnani
Van Gogh Shadow is a short (3 minute) film by video artist Luca Agnani, in which he has used CGI to add animation and lighting effects to thirteen of Van Gogh’s paintings.

At the very least, a fascinating experiment.

(Also of interest, see my 2010 post about Tilt-Shift Van Gogh.)

[Via Cartoon Brew]


2 responses to “Van Gogh Shadow, Luca Agnani”

  1. I’d like to scream “sacrilege!” but it’s actually very interesting.

  2. How amazing, Charley. Unfortunately my audio stopped working; would’ve loved to listen to the music of Ludovico Einaudi.
    I actually watched something similar on the BBC’s ‘Antique Roadshow’ yesterday afternoon, but it was completely in reverse.
    The portrait painting by Van Dyck (the modern spelling of the surname is Van Dijk) revealed after a total clean-up an astonishing ‘simplified sketch’ worth half a million dollars.