3 Replies to “Still more “not the usual Van Goghs””

  1. Charley,

    Seeing these “other” works most certainly adds depth to his skills as a painter and draftsman.

    Thank you for posting them.


  2. For a figure drawing class, I had to copy a master. I chose a Van Gogh nude. She was clumsy looking but I was intrigued. Seeing these works reminded me that what I really learned during the copy process was that this man saw the world so differently and his honesty about his vision is what made him great.

  3. Charley these are great! – I love these so much more than the SAME Van Goghs we always see. I actually like Van Gogh more than i thought i did, and i appreciate you making me realize that. It is really striking me right now as quite a revelation. Thanks as always –

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