Mukesh Singh (update)

Mukesh Singh (Nisachar)
When I wrote about Indian comics artist and illustrator Mukesh Singh back in 2011, I was only aware of his work on one major project, Grant Morrison’s 18 Days, but that was enough to impress me with his wonderfully lavish and over the top style, that combined western and Indian traditional sensibilities.

Since then, Singh has garnered notice as a comics cover artist, with striking covers for titles like Marvel’s All-New Invaders and Indestructible Hulk, as well as interior art for graphic story projects like Dinosaurs Vs Aliens.

Singh uses intense color palettes, high levels of intricate detail and texture, and dramatic and atmospheric lighting effects to give his covers an immediate “Pick-This-Up!” appeal.

I particularly enjoy his comics illustrations in which he combines the in-your-face drama of American super-hero comics with influences pulled from the traditions of Indian art, like a kind of Tantric Jack Kirby.

Though I can’t find a dedicated website or blog, Singh now has a gallery on deviantART (where he goes by the handle, “Nisachar”), and I’ve listed some interviews, along with other mentions and listings, below.


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