“Women Painting Women” at Principle Gallery, Charleston

Women Painting Women at Principle Gallery, Charleston
“Women Painting Women” is a collaborative project, founded by Sadie Valeri, Alia El Bermani and Diane Feissel, that’s been represented by a blog since 2009, and showcased as an annual exhibition at the Principle Gallery in Charleston, SC for the past five years.

The title is perfectly descriptive, and the list of highly skilled participating artists continues to grow. The Principle Gallery’s website features an extensive slideshow of work from the current exhibition.

Pay it Forward is a concurrent exhibition at the Principle Gallery location in Alexandria, VA, in which the established artists are using their position to bring exposure to a group of younger artists.

The Principle Gallery’s websites tell when the shows begin, but leave us clueless as to how long they run, so your guess is as good as mine.

For more, see my previous post on the Women Painting Women blog.

[Addendum: The Principle Gallery’s director has been kind enough to let me know that the Women Painting Women exhibition continues through the end of September, with a few pieces remaining on view into October. She has also pointed to a PDF catalog for the show.]

(Images above: Olga Krimon, Laurie Brom, Thresa Morgan, Judy Takacs, Samantha Hand, Laura Thompson, Stephanie Deshpande, Sara Sniderhan, Anne-Marie Kornachuk, Meg Aiken, Julia Diller, Nalara Castellanos)

[Via Fine Art Connoisseur (and here)]

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  1. Thank you so much for talking about this incredible show! Such a collection of art stars, I am honored to be among them.

    And, now even more honored that you chose my painting, (the red one, “Her Humble Opinion”) to show on your blog when you talk about the Women Painting Women show! It really means a lot to me and I’m so thankful!

    Keep up this lovely blog! Nothing beats lines and colors…pretty much what it’s all about!

    Judy Takács

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