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Casey Chiilds
Casey Childs is a painter based in Utah who focuses on portrait and figurative subjects.

His approach to paint handling varies from brusque to refined, in keeping with the feeling generated by his subject and composition. Often his figures will be painted in the context of room interiors, in the course of which he also works with still life subjects.

While not exactly narrative, there always seems to be an element in Childs’ paintings of something unseen happening, whether suggested in the position of his subject, hinted at in the way your eye is lead through the composition or reflected in the expression in a face.

Childs’ website has portfolios of his work in various categories of painting and drawing.

In a recent project, Childs created charcoal portrait drawings of 25 Influential Figures, which have been released as a box set of prints.

Working from historical photographs of figures as diverse as Louis Pasteur, Helen Keller, Frederick Douglass, Mark Twain and Frank Lloyd Wright (examples above), he has created a series of penetrating portraits that make wonderful use of lost and found line, paper grain expressed as texture and delicate value changes.

[Via Vasari Oil Colors]