Eye Candy for Today: Escher’s Three Worlds

Three Worlds, M.C. Escher
Three Worlds, M.C. Escher

Lithograph, roughly 14×10 inches (36x25cm). Image on Wikiart, larger here.

While it’s not one of Escher’s more obvious brain twisting visual conundrums, it’s a teaser nonetheless — also beautiful, subtle, and one of my favorites.

In addition to the thought provoking subject, superb drawing and beautifully handled reflection and surface perspective, I love the way the composition transitions graphically from dark against light at the top to light against dark at the bottom.


4 Replies to “Eye Candy for Today: Escher’s Three Worlds

  1. I think Escher was the first artist I fell in love with back in my school days. I used to spend hours trying to “figure out” his illusions. This is a perfect choice for the season.

  2. My favorite image of Escher’s, for the reasons you mention, Charley. I keep a small notecard copy of it in the drawer of my night table. Many years ago, I composed a poem based on this image:

    Always the Three Worlds;
    Past, Present, and Future’s gates.

    Gazing through the surface
    To that which still awaits,

    Our vision somehow blocked
    By the leavings of the Past.

    Unlike trees which always know
    When the time for leaves has passed;

    Unlike fish which seem to see
    The baited hook’s been cast.

    Summer’s water cooled by Autumn;
    October’s come, at last.

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