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Jennifer Diehl, still life, landscape, cituscape, interiors, figurative painting
Originally from Wisconsin and now based in Oregon, Jennifer Diehl is a painter who brings a controlled but lively palette and painterly sensibility to a range of subjects: still life, landscape, cityscape, interiors, and figurative.

Her landscapes feel fresh, unhurried and naturalistic, while still retaining the immediacy of location painting, and she often plays with interesting variations in the character of light, from brilliant sunlight to the glow of lanterns.

Her still life subjects, sometimes traditional and sometimes interestingly different, are particularly appealing in their crisp, confident rendering, and nicely tactile sense of surface and texture.

The artwork on Diehl’s website is divided into subject categories; note that most have additional archive pages.

You can also find her work on the sites of the galleries in which she is represented (linked below).


4 responses to “Jennifer Diehl”

  1. Great paintings. Especially the still lifes.. The lemonade one just screams of freshness!

  2. I do love your post on Jennifer Diehl – it’s inspiring to me to see many subject matters interpreted in such colorful, painterly, luscious ways. Thanks Charlie, Karin J

    1. Thanks, Karin. I can easily see why a painter of your sensibilities would find kinship in Jennifer Diehl’s approach.

      For the benefit of other readers, here is my most recent post on Karin Jurick, with links to others.

  3. Mia Ellis Avatar
    Mia Ellis

    Hi Jennifer, Do you teach in Clackamas? A fellow painter recommended your class: Brush and Palette. Please let me know. Thank you!