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Enoki Toshiyuki

Enoki Toshiyuki
Enoki Toshiyuki is a contemporary Japanese artist who works in the techniques of traditional lacquer painting, as well as oil, acrylic, metal leaf and ink on canvas.

His subjects vary from fantasy and myth to more straightforwardly representational, but all incorporate rich textural elements, and frequently, complex patterns. These elements, combined with subdued color and muted value relationships, make his subjects seem to emerge from the textural surfaces as if being distilled from a dream, gradually swirling into consciousness.

If I’m correct, this is the artist’s own website, which is essentially a blog (in Japanese, Google Translate here).

There are some short process videos (in Japanese) on YouTube (and here).


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  1. You have done it to me again. Incredible Charley.

    1. Always glad to hear you say that, Bill. (grin)