Judith Pond Kudlow

Judith Pond Kudlow, still life and figurative
Judith Pond Kudlow is an artist living and working in New York City, where she co-founded with artist Andrea J. Smith a classical atelier named NYK Academy, formerly the Harlem Studio of Art.

Kudlow’s primary subjects are still life and figurative, the former in particular is appealing for the feeling of harmony in her compositions. Her exacting draftsmanship privieds a solid structure from which her reserved color palette and controlled values project a feeling of quiet presence.

I get the impression that she uses soft edges in many places, but it’s difficult to tell; the frustratingly small images on her website, particularly of her figurative work, reveal little about the nature of her surface or rendering.

There are slightly larger images of her still life subjects on the websites of the Principle Gallery in Virginia, and Anderson Fine Art Gallery in Georgia.

Kudlow has an instructional video, published by American Artist, titled Classical Painting: The Realist Sight Size Method.


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