CJ Hendry

CJ Hendry, detailed large scale pen drawings of fashion items and food
I have to say that I’m consistently unimpressed with most of the “amazing photorealist drawings” that seem to proliferate as click-bait around the web, but the large scale pen drawings of Australian artist CJ Hendry are a notable exception.

Hendry takes as her primary subjects fashion items — designer shoes and handbags in particular — and renders their often shiny leathery surfaces at a large scale as detailed tone drawings in ink, created with fine point markers in a combination of hatching and stipple.

Hendry’s work has become quite popular and in demand with collectors.

Unfortunately, Hendry doesn’t appear to have a dedicated web presence other than an Instragram account, and most of the images I can find are of work in progress, or Hendry holding up the finished piece, rather than a photo of the work itself.

Many of the drawings highlighted on her Instagram page, and on articles about her, are from a recent project in which she completed 50 drawings of various food items in 50 days.

There is a brief process video on Vimeo.

[Via DCAD Library]


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  1. Although I’m not a fan of art photographed with the artist in the picture, in this case the presence of the artist does provide a sense of scale that we would otherwise be missing. I might otherwise have assumed these drawings were much smaller than they really are.

  2. Thanks Charley,
    I think these are pretty brilliant mate, and from my own part of the world too !
    Black and white work sadly, is underused, and it`s ability for dramatic effect often overlooked.Great to see both traditional media and black and white tonal work used to prove these points, and I love the artist stepping in to provide the scale to readily appreciate the final art.
    Now where`s my crow quill pen !!! :)

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