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Eye candy for Today: Jan de Beijer ink and wash drawing

Grebbesluis, Jan de Beijer , pen and wash
Grebbesluis, Jan de Beijer

Ink and wash, roughly 4 1/2 x 12 (120x30cm). In the Rijksmuseum.

With clear observation, economical delineation and a few simple tones, 18th century draftsmana nd painter Jan de Beijer gives us an evocative semi-panoramic scene. It looks to me like the right side of the drawing may have been cut off, perhaps the scene was even wider.

Grebbesluis, Rijksmuseum


2 responses to “Eye candy for Today: Jan de Beijer ink and wash drawing”

  1. Nice. I like the details and the strokes with little jitters.

    1. Thanks, Parka. Strokes with the jitters really make the difference in some master drawings, particularly Canaletto: Softens the otherwise rigid straight lines. I need to try that.