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Grahame Baker Smith

Grahame Baker Smith
UK illustrator Grahame Baker Smith is known for his interpretation of classics like Pinocchio and Robin Hood, as well as contemporary works like Leon and the Place Between and FArTHER. His work for the latter garnered him the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2011 (a British medal awarded each year for “distinguished illustration in a book for children”).

Smith has also done diverse projects like album cover art for Robert Plant, and an animation project on which he is currently working.

He works in both traditional and digital media, varying his approach as the project demands. Some of his pieces look like assemblages, some are straightforward, some lighter, some darker.

In taking on the challenge of a series of stamps for the Royal Mail marking the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Smith has neatly sidestepped the problem of getting around the definitive interpretations of Tenniel and Rackham by taking a distinctly modern approach.