Tom Nachreiner

Tom Nachreiner, landscape and figurative painting
After establishing a successful carer as an illustrator, Wisconsin artist Tom Nachreiner transitioned into gallery painting.

His landscapes, cityscapes and figures are based on a framework of solid draftsmanship, allowing him to apply his paint in loose, gestural strokes, at times taking his compositions close to the edge of abstraction.

I particularly enjoy his use of rough edges, accented with crisp counterpoints in key areas.

In addition to participating in plein air events, Nachreiner also teaches and conducts workshops.

The painting collections on his website are arranged by year, but you can also choose “Genres” at the bottom of the drop-down navigation to sort by subject.

4 Replies to “Tom Nachreiner”

  1. I live in Wisconsin and I have seen and admired Mr. Nachreiner’s work for years. I think he keeps getting better and better. One thing that always bothers me, though, is the size (big!) of his signature on his paintings. All the artists I have collected have rather unobtrusive signatures and I tend to use a smallish signature on my paintings. I think the painting should speak for itself regardless of who painted it. It is always disconcerting when the first thing I notice in a painting is the painter’s signature. Maybe someone told him it was good for marketing (?) but I think it somehow diminishes what are otherwise really good paintings.

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