Minh Dam

Minh Dam, watercolor cityscapes
Originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, Minh Dam is an architect and watercolor painter based in Poland. He is the founder of Lineare Art Studio in Warsaw, and a co-founder of the Polish Watercolor Society.

Minh Dam’s primary focus in his paintings is cityscape. He take as his subjects cities in Poland and other parts of Europe, portraying their plazas, buildings, trolleys and street life with a lose, gestural approach.

There is an underpinning of traditional draftsmanship, on which his sketch-like rendering finds a solid base.

On his website, which has an English version, you’ll find his paintings arranged by most recent and currently available, as well as by subject. In addition, he has a blog which, though in Polish only, has additional images of paintings and work in progress.

He also has a portfolio on digitart.pl and a deviantART gallery.

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  1. Really great watercolors. There is a lot of substance in his washes even when simple tonally. I like the quality of light in his work too.
    I especially like the seventh down which feels like it is almost melting under a hot humid overcast day.

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