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Stan Miller, watercolor and tempera
Spokane Washington based painter Stan Miller works in both watercolor and egg tempera, taking as his subjects portraits, landscapes, and in particular, scenes of Venice.

The play of light across textural surfaces plays a key role in all of his compositions, whether revealing the turn of form in a face and head, illuminating the textures of weathered clapboard or dancing off the water in a stone-lined canal.

Within these contexts, Miller explores subtle transitions of color, sophisticated variation in edges and a range of dramatic and muted value relationships.

Miller teaches workshops in Washington State, as well as in other parts of the country. He also has a series of short instructional videos on YouTube (there is an alternate listing of them on Parka Blogs, arranging them by subject).


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  1. Stan Miller’s fave brush is #6 round, winsor newton red sable, he answered, when asked.

  2. gostaria de colocar suas fotos de Art,assinada pelo Sr. nas minhas fotos.dá-me autorização?
    Adriana Gama Freixo Espadeiro