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Kim Johnson, vector illustration
Kim Johnson is a Connecticut based illustrator and animator who transitioned in her primary career from graphic design to animation to illustration.

She works in vector illustration, with a nice use of gradient color, inventive composition and a keen sense of value relationships. Her animation background shows in her springy, lively shapes and whimsical approach.

Johnson is represented by Lindgren & Smith, Illustrator and Artist Representatives.


4 responses to “Kim Johnson”

  1. Beautiful work! I don’t know how you find all of these amazing artists, but I sure do appreciate your curation skills! Thank you so much! Always inspiring!

    1. Thanks, Belinda!

      Other readers seeking additional inspiration should check out Belinda Del Pesco’s blog! Here is my mores recent post on Belinda Del Pesco.

  2. Terry Lindsay Avatar
    Terry Lindsay

    I love it ,love it love it…and then I get depressed !!
    Thanks for your wonderful website and your insight into art…all kinds of art!

    1. Thanks, Terry. But don’t get intimidated, get inspired and get drawing! (grin.)